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My soul mission is to help women to remember who they are on a deeper soul level, to heal past and present energetic trauma, feel empowered and inspired, to transform and upgrade every aspect of their life and to strive to become the best version of themselves through daily practices and through seeing the results you will receive whilst working with me!

I have just completed two brand new qualifications to help carry out this powerful shift for women on a much deeper and more embodied way.

These two certifications are called, An Emo-Neuro Touch Therapist and Emotional Intelligence and Sacred Embodiment Facilitator. I have only just learnt these two new healing modalities very recently so I am beginning to incorporate them into my Sentaura Energy Healing Treatment Sessions. I will also start offering these sessions on their own shortly after I have had more time to integrate and practice them further. Reach out if you have any questions though.

✨If  you are feeling stuck, blocked or like something is holding you back from reaching your full potential, I can help change this!

✨Are you struggling to find energy and motivation to not only keep going but to move forward?

✨Do you feel a constant niggling feeling that there is something ‘more’ to this life but you aren’t really sure what that ‘more’ is or how to find it?

✨Are you wanting to help release those blockages and the stagnant energy that is trapped in your body, allowing the beautiful energetic flow of  joy, abundance, motivation, prosperity and happiness into your life?

This is your time! Right Now! I am here to shift these negative attachments so you can move forward!

If you are ready to chase the ‘unattainable’ goals and feel empowered and inspired, to become the best version of yourself. I am here to help you achieve this. I know so many women right now, that are ready to accelerate their lives in every aspect. They are being called to step up and activate their soul based spiritual path, where they can start helping to raise the consciousness of our entire planet…One woman at a time we are doing exactly that! Are you in?

I am here for you, to motivate, to guide you and to be your biggest cheerleader. Together we can release what is no longer serving you and activate and up level your life in ways you only dream about! The more lightworkers on this Earth right now the better so, join me and lets begin with you and propelling your life forward!!!

Make the choice to expand and awaken your consciousness to higher levels and also raise your personal vibration/frequency!

I can hear you asking, how do I make that happen?

By working with me and the divine power and activation of the unique high frequency Sentaura Energy Healing.

Firstly I facilitate the new Sentaura Energy Healing Treatments. These sessions begin the process of releasing those stagnant negative energy blockages that are keeping you feeling stuck, allowing a deeper, more profound mental awareness to become accessible. As we start to stream the beautiful golden energy of Sentaura through your entire body you will begin to see noticeable shifts in your personal vibration, dissolving that feeling of lack and low self worth, you will have a higher consciousness, natural positivity, more energy and be able to handle stress and anxiety with more ease.

If you are ready to feel inspired, motivated, in your sovereignty and personal power, ready to take on anything that life throws at you then you are ready to work with me…Helping people to move out of stagnation and the lack mindset, moving you into abundance and empowerment is my goal. So if this sounds like what you are wanting help with then please either book a one on one in person session with me so we can delve into this life changing energy work together or for a more detailed description of who I am and what my work can offer for us all please read on.

From a much deeper level did you know that 2024 has been predicted to be the year of the rise of the lightworkers. Now, you may feel like this doesn’t apply to you but, if you are still here reading this, then in fact, yes it does. A lightworker isn’t only someone who has a career in a spiritual field but is someone who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves. Someone who is constantly seeking higher wisdom and is tenacious and unwavering in their intention to do so. By working on yourself you become a beacon of light not just on a personal level but also for the people that are around you too. This intention is extremely powerful so don’t ever doubt it.

By allowing the much needed positive energetic shifts and encouraging any circumstances that are no longer in alignment with your highest potential to be released, you will begin to loosen your grip on fear and worry, stepping completely into your sovereignty. Becoming more open to receiving and acknowledging that as lightworkers we are all united in a common cause. The rise of us as humans on the ascension path.

When we start to dissolve negative and self-limiting beliefs, we call in new Earth’s higher frequency and activate our own dynamic, powerful and unique creator codes and DNA.

As we instinctively gravitate towards each other we will form soul tribes and communities embodying the 5D soul tribe energy. Through these connections we will develop heart centered environments based on love and unity consciousness, shaping foundations for the new aquarian age earth template.  Lightworkers currently face challenges as they are transitioning from working in the old Earth energy to adjusting to the new Earth frequency.

By working on ourselves as individuals, we are shedding linear beliefs and addressing conditioned thought patterns that are essential parts of our collective ascension process. Simplifying this through practices such as meditation and shadow work and energy healings we are clearing internal blockages and clutter. We are beginning to create intentionally and prioritize self love which are vital keys to navigating our personal transformation. Sentaura will help to activate the dormant DNA strands that are required for us to evolve into the higher version of our ascending souls.

We are finally ready to truly celebrate the feminine and masculine divinity. Duality. Light and dark. As we learn to integrate the two and embody them as our unique oneness. Aligning and reconnecting to these sacred energies. Feeling the ancient power and wisdom arising within us all, strengthening your intuitive harmony with universal consciousness.

Trusting the natural flow of life is important, with faith in the universes intelligence and the guidance we are given, believing in self resilience and the ability to overcome challenges is paramount. As each lesson learned propels us as individuals towards our destined path, spiritual growth and fulfillment.

Beneath the calcified layers of the false conditioned self resides the metaphysical and multi-dimensional aspects of ones self. By delving deep within, we unveil a wealth of self discovery and profound insights that have all been waiting to be unearthed.

Together we can create and illuminate the path towards the collective soul activation and bring forth the feminine and masculine empowerment, transformation and healing.

If you would like to work with me and the power of Sentaura, we can further encourage inner healing and the positive shifts that are needed to guide you to fully step into your personal ascension process. Through this incredible new age energy healing, I invite you to come and experience Sentaura for yourself. Currently only 11 people in the world can provide Sentaura and I am the only practitioner doing in person sessions in NSW.  The results I am witnessing from working together are nothing short of profound. Read more about it here.

I am now hosting 1 monthly group Sentaura session at a fraction of the cost of my one on one sessions so Sentaura is now accessible to everyone on any budget. Keep you eye on my social pages for these new group release dates as I only take 8 clients maximum for each session to keep them small and intimate.

Book your Sentaura Energy Healings with me and we can begin your transformational journey of energetic reharmonization, renewal and empowerment.

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What is Energy Healing?

Have you heard about Energy Healing before, but never fully understood what it is & how you will benefit from receiving these treatments? This is how I have come to understand and explain Energy Healing.

Energy Healing is a extremely underestimated and undervalued practice of self-care and wellbeing that every woman not only needs but deserves. It is a beautiful relaxing full body, mind and soul experience that gently clears your energetic system including your chakras, releases stagnant negative energy, brings you a deep feeling of peace and clarity and brings you back into your natural energetic alignment.

Another way to explain why Energy Healing is so important to our growth as human beings is that we are all made up of energy and when we vibrate at a lower frequency, as unfortunately most people do, we typically carry heavy and dense energy in our bodies throughout our entire lives because we have no idea that there is an alternative. When we become aware of this and actively make the decision enough is enough, I want to do something about this and commit to uplevelling our lives, Energy Healing can help to raise your vibration and live on a higher frequency. After a few sessions to really encourage the energetic shifts, you will feel much lighter, brighter, relaxed and more at ease, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence.” ~ Deepak Chopra


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